Lightroom 1.1 or Adobe Elements 6.0


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Oct 29, 2007
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I have both program and im really not sure which one to use to edit photos?

What do the advance users think?
Lightroom is my favorite tool, I use it 95% of the time, PS the other 5%.
Depends on what you want to do with the images. Personally I use Lightroom for almost all my editing now and only use photoshop for using filters and creating something a little different from my normal edits.
Yep, lightroom is more designed work flow and over-all corrections and edits while PS is aimed more at precision editing. If your wanting your pictures to only get saturation and contrast bumps or the sort, then definitely stick with lightroom. If your wanting more control and start removing/adding stuff to photos, the PS.
Lightroom for the big chunk of my editing, maybe 75%, then CS2 or CS3 for hand-editing (burning, dodging, masking, layer modification, etc.), resizing, and sharpening.
I should definitely
give it a try then...what about elements?
Elements is a good way to start with editing your images. CS3 is a far better more feature rich program but elements will be great for a starter.
First, update your Lightroom to 1.3. You should be able to find the update on the Adobe site.

I use Lightroom but rather like the healing tool in Elements.
Who not use both? Raw conversion in Lightroom and the rest in Photoshop. There are many things and advanced techniques Lightroom could never accomplish.

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