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Dec 2, 2012
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Hi everyone, I am having a problem with the graduated filters in lightroom, (i am using RAW files in Lightroom 3.6)
I am trying to limit the filter effect to a portion of the image by dragging the filter bar only a small amount as you can see in the image below, but it appears to be affecting the whole upper section of the image rather than being contained within the bars, is there a way of containing the effect within these bars or do these graduated filters work only as normal graduated filters would (IE from the top of the image to the bottom)
Someone mentioned flipping the bars over so the effect works downward but this just has the same effect except it is reversed.
what i am trying to achieve just for curiositys sake is to add a little colour to the top of the rocks without it affecting the sky.
Is the filter effect supposed to be contained within the bars? (in which case i am doing something wrong) or are the bars just used to determine where the graduating points of the filter start and end?
Thanks for your help in advance :)
I have attached 2 images, the first one with the filter in place, the second is the original.

$grad filter on.jpg$grad filter off.jpg
Opening and closing the bars just seems to spread the transition of the filter in and out, it doesnt actually contain the effect of the filter to within the bars which is what i am trying to achieve. As you can see from the first image the bars are set quite narrow, yet the effect of the filter spreads all the way to the top of the image.
I have managed to contain the effect a little by adjusting the brightness and saturation of the filter, I have no idea why this would affect the width of the filter but it seemed to bring my sky back to blue, I think i just need to play with it a little more and get the hang of it, I normally only edit in photoshop but since i shot all these canyon pics in raw it made sense to edit them in Lightroom.

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