Like being able to take your Nikon to the local repair shop?


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Jul 3, 2011
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Then you might want to take a look at this article and the attached petition. Long story short—Nikon is no longer going to sell replacement parts to a repair shop that is not authorized by Nikon. There are currently 22 shops in the nation that have that recognition, not including Nikon's own in-house repair services, of course.

How Nikon is Killing Camera Repair |
I'm betting the main reason is that the factory losses Nikon was hit with last year mean that they have enough trouble just supplying parts for new cameras and their own certified repair shops and that trying to also supply the independents just isn't on the cards. So to improve their own image and that of their certified repair shops they cut supplies to the independents so they can focus on their own groups.

Of course this won't affect the total number of bodies that require repair so the supply amount will be the same, though it might mean that turn-arounds and overall management of supplies can be done more efficiently (ie to reduce customer waiting time and potential complaints).

That all said it might only be a move to allow Nikon more market control, they've already done that global price fixing move (or tried to I'm not fully sure of its status) so this might be a move alongside those same lines. Maybe the management of Nikon is getting a bit worried/powerhungry these days.

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