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Lincoln Memorial bridge, Louisville, KY


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Jun 16, 2016
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Fuji GFX 50Sii w/ 32-64
Lincoln bridge.jpg
I got into a discussion with someone in another forum about diffraction and that the image quality suffers from lens diffraction at f/22. My rudimentary understanding is lines will be fuzzy and not as sharp, aside from the traditional diffraction spikes from light points (which I'm wanting.) Does the image suffer from diffraction issues? If so how? I guess I don't know what to look for .Attached is a 200% crop the closest bridge tower to the front of the picture. I see where it's starting to pixelate and get noisy What am I missing?.


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Looks fine to me at 100% but I'm not one to complain a rats arse isn't clear @ 100 yards either. I think you captured that triangle shaped UFO top/left of center pretty well, too.
reprocessed. found tons of stacking errors. Colors are a little better & no double images and other artifacts
bridge_reprint copy.jpg
Great capture. I deal with a lot of the refraction issues as most of my shooting is at night, and Ive learned to just accept it as part of night shooting. Jumping around in f stops helps, but I just don't get too in depth in post (stacking, hdr, layering etc) to worry about it too much.

I think both of your captures are great.

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