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Jul 30, 2010
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We have a cottage near the Champlain Islands in northern Vermont, and love driving/biking/kayaking/walking in the area. Last weekend, we decided to drive through as the weather was variable and windy (too windy for kayaking, high chance of showers, so garden work could be put off ;) ). Lots of places to lose yourself in. While my wife checked out the insides of several barns/antique shops, I checked out the outsides, and was rewarded by some lines. Lines are good. Eyes love running up and down lines. Curvy lines can be even better, but this being Vermont, we're focusing on straight lines. So...

T1i, 28mm (24-105mm), 1/160 @ f/8.0 Iso 100

T1i, 82mm (24-105mm), 1/100 @ f/8.0, ISO 100, cropped.

Comments, critiques, and well-thought out diatribes always welcome. :D
The lines are interesting, but I think the first has too much in the frame (especially the grass) - a closer shot of the building would have worked better, at least for me - and the second could do with a bit more contrast, leveling and perhaps losing the window lower left. The second seems more promising to me, but I always like more light/shadow contrast.
I'd lose the color in the second image and do some distortion adjustments on the verticals.
I don't like em. Nothing wrong with them, nice pix for what they are. They are just 'Shore like' and boring. To me they are snapshot trash. But I trash 98% of my own stuff, so don't feel bad.

I like geometry shots to an exetnt. Here is one of mine, but I don't do many. I prefer street / people shots. So I may not be a good critic for your shot. (Even mine is just borderline trash, just something that is nothing special, but pleasant to look at.)

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Well, part of the reason to post, is to get different reads on the same material. So, thank you, Ken, for your comments - I'll ponder and see if I can come up with something more interesting. Ceeboy, going to have another look with your comments in mind. Daniel, we'll agree to disagree. Not that you are "wrong", as much as it appears we have different tastes.
I like the first photo a lot, but I think Ken is right, a closer shot of the building might have worked better. Have you tried it in B&W? It might be interesting to see all that texture in B&W. The second shot is okay, but I don't think I would have understood it if you had not mentioned looking at the lines.

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