Lines and Curves


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Mar 10, 2007
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One of my adventures in abstract...

D70s, f/2.8 @ 16 mm, 1/200, ISO 200.

Thanks for looking.
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Abstract? That looks pretty concrete.

(I'm sooo sorry)

Nice lines/angles. I think it could use a bit more contrast, though. There seems to be a lack of shadow that puts the whole image into a very narrow tonal range.
i think the post-processing on the metal bars is just right, i don't think it needs any more contrast. not really a fan of the composition though, but that's just me.
Thanks for your comments, guys and gals. This is the best post-processing job I could do (needless to say, my PP skills are very limited). I'm more than willing to send the original RAW file to whoever wants to take a stab at it. Just let me know.
It has a nice 3-D feel on my monitor..
i made some editing:
i like the original. but could i get a copy to play around with?
Thanks Wyjid. Please PM me your email address and I'll send you the RAW file right away.

Thanks stsinner and Al-Wazeer! A-W, I like the added contrast in your edit, but now the image looks like out of a comic book :)
I like the treatment on the original post. Great done.

For the rest...well, finding the subject of this is quite hard for me.
Thanks Matt, your edit looks really good! Totally different than mine. Can I ask you to email me the .psd file (or a higher res jpg file)?

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