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Jan 7, 2009
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I am trying to complete a "lines" project and can seem to find anything that goes above and beyond the ordinary. Just wondering if fellow photographers could lend a helping hand? I have tried the ol' dock and pier into the water but want something more defined/risky. Thanks.
Power lines?? Shadows of power lines?..I dunno..but that's what I would think of.
What about a camera tripod mounted in the middle of the road and having two cars drive by on each side at night....sounds risky to me, but with a 5 second shutter, it would create some cool lines.
There are also the lines in a landscape, such as a split rail fence along a horse pasture or a tree lined path or roadway, perhaps not risky, but they usually work well.
Thanks for the ideas. I have a d200 50mm1.8 70-200 2.8vr 18-70 and can borrow a few others if need be.

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