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Sep 25, 2010
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New Jersey
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So a friend of mine recently gave me his old Linhof Technika III w/ 4 lenses (Angulon 6.8/65mm, APO-Lanthar 4.5/105mm, Tele-Arton 5.5/180mm, Tele-Xenar 5.5/240mm) with two 120 backs for FREE!

Its in good working condition, the body looks old from being in an attic for years. Bellows are in good shape - only see 1 pinhole which is an easy fix. Lenses are in great shape optically & mechanically, they were stored much better.

So here are my questions:

1) Is it worth fixing this up or am I better off trying to sell it and just see what cash (if any) I can get for it.

2) Can I use these lenses on my Wista 45DX 4x5 camera if I just remount them on the proper lens boards? or will they not cover a full 4x5 image?

Any advice would be helpful - i am not real familiar with the camera and its benefits and limitations. If I use it, it would be mainly for landscape work.

Thanks in advance.
WOW!!!!!! What a good friend! You should definitely try the Technika before you even consider selling it or parting it out or breaking up the set. Go here to learn more about the five variants of the III.
The shorter lenses won't cover 4x5, but the Tele-Xenar should almost cover when stopped right down. The Apo-Lanthar is something of a cult lens and may fetch a high price. You should try them all with the Linhof - what have you got to lose? See what sort of images they produce and how much coverage they have.

Good luck,
I have exactly the same set-up. It is a great camera,and produces images that`ll blow you away.Freestyle film in the US sells a range film in 120 & 6x9, B&W and colour, tranny & neg.

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