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Oct 16, 2011
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Im using cs5. I have an issue and I can't get a clear screen shot. When I liquify the object, the bloat tool isn't working correctly. I never had an issue before but right now it's as if, for lack of better words, reduced opacity. I get the effect but can see the original body lines. Example.... If I try to make the lips or eyes larger, it will distort it but not look clear and I can see the original eye and lip underneath it. Anyone know how to correct it? Or experienc this? I will see if I can get a good screen shot.
You can kinda see it here.
You can kinda see it here.

You can always make a screen cap with the PrintScreen button on a PC, or some odd keyboard combination on a Mac. It would be much more detailed and easy to see.
Ok I'll try when I get home. It wasn't a realistic goal. I was just going to enlarge some things as a joke. It was just odd. I've used it before and it didn't do this. Btw I was talking about the lip. Thanks. I'll update this when I get home.
You may be on the wrong layer.
That image was previously saved and all layers merged. I wonder if I unknowingly messed up a setting. I'll post a better screen shot tonight.
That image was previously saved and all layers merged.
Merging all layers, or flattening, is generally not a good practice. Keep all layers of the psd file intact ... for just such cases as this.
Thanks for the tip. I'll have to find another picture to goof with.
Ok so I know I'm late but I haven't tried the warp tool yet but here's what I end up with when I use bloat. I didnt do a set pattern or tried to achieve something in the pic. I only wanted to show what happens when I use it. Am I doing something wrong in settings maybe?Before bloat tool
Btw this happens even with a raw file right from opening it and no edits or layers.
Turn off Show Backdrop
Also learn how to set brush size, brush density, and brush rate. Those make a big difference in results. You've got density and rate both set at 100, which tells me you don't understand how to use this tool.The main problem, though, is you're using the wrong tool if your aim is to plump up the lips.
It was as 36% before. As I have mentioned it was for demonstration and I was just showing you what I originally posted about. You are right about the liquify tool. I haven't messed with it much and still trying to learn it. Thank you for your response.

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