Little Red Riding Hood


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Dec 14, 2004
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Love it. After seeing a fair bit of your work here and on another forum, I've no doubt the over the top post is intentional and IMO works great here. It looks like it could be a frame from a Pixar Studios film. In Hi Def of course ;)
Arrrg, I left most of the skin texture in this one. :-(
Thanks for the cool replies though. I worked over an hour on this one.
The only problem I can see is softness in certain areas there probably shouldn't be...especially around the eyes...and the whites of the eyes are kinda weird...
But you did a great job.
I must apologize. I realized I had broke my own rule, not to comment if viewing from my laptop. After taking a second look from my home monitor I know I never would have made the comparison to Pixar Animation here. However I feel it is still over the top a good way. The hair is absolutely amazing, like that of a doll, but I have no idea if you even touched it. The skin is incredibly flawless. There isn't a single blemish, and Ive never seen sclera that white. Not a trace of red. But it still works for me!
My, what big eyes you have my dear. What a look she can give.

Very cool shot.
The great shine from her black hair and the pop of the red hood are so striking. Looks like she could kick some wolf butt.

That slightly menacing look in her eyes gives her a hint of the dark side too, imo.
Arrrg, I left most of the skin texture in this one. :-(
Thanks for the cool replies though. I worked over an hour on this one.

My "plastic skin" comment was not negative. She looks "other worldly" and yes, a little creepy. It that was your intent, you pulled it off superbly.
...she sure is looking good, she's everything a big bad wolf could want...

sorry saw the title, heard the song in my head. Great shot!
[Heehee, the big bad wolf would be foolish to mess with someone with that glare!]

As always with your pics, the eyes are very striking. And I really like the simplicity of the red/green/black colours. It's really fun/intriguing to see your dark side and fantasy shots.
If you keep this up, you will become the next Loretta Lux.:p

Excellent work, as always. I love this shot. It has an innocent, yet frightening appeal to it.
She is the same model as in the Isis-photo, isn't she? Is this her hair? And hair colour?

If these photos are meant to represent a kind of fantasy world then I think the huge amount of pp-work done to them does them all the justice, but from an (amateur)-down-to-earth-photographer's point of view, they take pp-work quite far!

But then I have never ventured into such areas of photography myself, so what do I know?

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