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Mar 29, 2016
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Interesting side trip to Rome, GA to the antebellum mansion Oak Hill on the campus of Berry College. Martha Berry, founder of Berry College, was the daughter of a wealthy family in the area, and the heir to the home of her parents Capt Thomas Berry and Frances (Rhea) Berry. According to the historians, she was born on a plantation just north of us, in a community called Turkeytown, AL. They moved to Rome, GA shortly after the Civil War, to start over when Martha was still an infant. If you've seen the movie Sweet Home Alabama, you might recognize it as the home of the Carmichael Plantation, where Melanie is supposed to get married.

Berry Oak Hill Mansion20200814_3367.jpg by William Raber, on Flickr
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Very grand and ostentatious.
A few more of the interior.

Capt Berry's Library
Berry Oak Hill Mansion20200814_3340.jpg

One end of the grand living room, the other end had full floor to ceiling windows blowing out the grand piano and seating.
Berry Oak Hill Mansion20200814_3342.jpg

The dining room
Berry Oak Hill Mansion20200814_3344.jpg

Guest bedroom
Berry Oak Hill Mansion20200814_3347.jpg

Mothers bedroom
Berry Oak Hill Mansion20200814_3349.jpg

Lastly Martha's bedroom, surprisingly unassuming considering her wealth. She did have a separate sitting/dressing room across the hall, which was comfortable but not fancy at all.
Berry Oak Hill Mansion20200814_3354.jpg

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