llano county courhouse


I would like to know a briefing about this building and its location; your equipment and your set ups

and your processing of course

Regards :D
Wow! I love these and the processing! They create a great mood, nicely done! My favorites are the first and last image, my only little nit pick would be that the main tower of the building is a bit tight to the top of the image, but other than that - I think they're great. :thumbup:
Nice over all set. The last picture looks like a HDR image, just needs to be toned down some. All the Black and White pictures look somewhat over exposed, except the 1st one that has rich black tones, where the building just pops out at you.

What I don't like, is the over use of the copywrite that seems to have become so prevalent on TPF. It's too large, centered, and very distracting. Your posting your photo freely here, not for a hopeful sale. So those large copywrites serves no real purpose other then act as some sort of badge. My view is for everyone that continues to plaster their Copywrite over their pictures, should consider to place them neatly and inconspicuously in a lower corner. That way we can view your pictures without having to see a copywrite smacking us right in the face over and over again.

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