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Jan 22, 2012
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South Australia
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Our tennis players only compete at three venues - one of which is grass and the other two are concrete.
Grass is certainly nicer to shoot but you get waht you get.
Love to change something about everyone of these, but that's part of the journey. Bring it on :D !!

#1 Husband hitting, wife in background is his doubles partner (and the third is random ... on next court)

#2 Background sucks!

#3 Post in head!


#5 Love the timing ... nice background :grumpy:
Shooting tennis can be tough, especially for distractions in the background. Pick your line of sight before even shooting, work on the timing, and if the background is too distracting zoom in or crop in tighter to clean it up a little.

The first four shots could have taken a bit more exposure (maybe even the 5th shot too, but I'm on the computer at work), and all of them could use a little contrast adjustment in post processing.
Thanks for the feedback Tony - appreciate it. I have to agree with you about the exposure - sometimes I feel I don't handle the shadows from hats/caps well at all.
Backgrounds are a problem with fences etc so close. I wonder if I should shoot more open to blur the background more? Hard to pick a line as the players move around the court so much but it surely is something I will need to solve. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
To be honest, because of the good DOF, I didn't think about the post behind her head till I read your comment ;) I think the captures are good, possibly lighten up around the faces as Tony S said, but they are nice, crisp shots.
Thanks - appreciate your point of view and taking the time to comment.

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