Locked and Stripped


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Mar 24, 2013
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There were bikes like that all over my campus. Some were there for the entire 3 years that I attended.

Then again, it doesn't surprise me that awful people took advantage of those who took awful care of their $1000 bicycles. Seeing these expensive bikes sitting out in the elements for months at a time was physically painful.
Yea its a shame but there is no money in tires and rims unless there real high ends rims but most of the time the frame is the money for thief. Yes right in front of the church and a beautiful area of new haven CT.The street is so clean you can eat of it and had no problem standing out with my gear. A few blocks down,they kill for less.

I wonder if this was just done by the bike owner,with quick release brakes,tires and seat post its no more then a few minutes to take down or put back.
Pulling the seat was pretty common on campus - a little harder to ride away if stolen. I always chained my wheels to the frame.
Looks like that bicycle rack is just a piece of pipe. It would be fairly easy to cut the pipe and make off with all of the bicycles that were there.

Not that I am inclined to steal bicycles, you understand.

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