London Telephone Box


Going to London in a week or two :)

Why a 200 iso film and not 100 or 400 ?
I always hated the choice of a 200 in the variety of films.

Don't say it was a roll of 24.... It's 12 or 36, but never 24!

But it's good you used a 50mm!
Thanks Dikkie. Look Forward to seeing some of your London photos. I'm not sure why I used 200 here, really. I had to buy a couple of rolls in London because I had a mishap whilst loading on a windy beach in Wales a few days before and buggered the last of the rolls I had taken on holidays with me. I bought a 400 and a 200 when we got to The Smoke, and this was the last roll I loaded on the trip. 200 is the mainstay of what is available and sold in multipacks (cheaper) where I live, and anyway I've always tended to play a bit safe with this film - old habits die hard!
Oh if only it was blue and a police box!
Oh if only it was blue and a police box!

This also crossed my mind when I printed it for our holiday-snaps album (and then the old farts mulling around in the backround building could be the Time Lords ;))

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