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Jan 31, 2015
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I just got my film scans back yesterday from the lab. I used an entire roll of Kodak Pro Image 100 at a car show, I never shot a car show on film before so this was a new experience for me. Being limited to only 37 frames on my Nikon N2000, I took my time trying to find interesting things to photograph. It was not easy and very challenging and I didn't even complete the roll.

It was kind of nice though, spent more time looking for compositions than just taking 500 digital photos. I have a thing for photographing old things on film, it just brings me back and I enjoy the nostalgia.

Anyways for lenses I used a Nikkor AI 28mm f/3.5 and a Nikkor AI-s 50mm 1.8 Pancake.

The Nikon N2000 I used is my second copy that I didn't even film test so I am glad the photos came out great! No reason why it shouldn't, it's not that terribly old. But I took the risk and loaded film in it anyways.

Here are a few favorites from the roll.

I really like Kodak Pro Image 100, it's a simple film for sure. 5 rolls for $40 isn't a bad deal, I like how stable the film is with high temperatures. It gots really hot and humid here in Vermont during the summer months so it's a nice piece of mind and I like the colors I get out of it too. Is it my FAVORITE? I don't think so but I like it way more than Colorplus. Next I need to try Gold 200 or Fuji 200. Just trying different film stocks to figure out what I enjoy the best. But overall the Pro Image 100 just has a neutral softer look to me which is a good thing.












Super shots, very nice - No.2 if I had to choose, gorgeous, that film tint and grain just lends to the vintage vibe so well 👍
From someone who has photographed cars for over 40 years you have some really nice shots here.

My favs are #1 #5 #6.
From someone who has photographed cars for over 40 years you have some really nice shots here.

My favs are #1 #5 #6.

Thank you! I appreciate that. I guess I find inspiration when photographing cars on film. I try so hard to replicate this kind of look on my digital camera and I just can't.

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