Lonely Beach


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Jan 20, 2008
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Sweet shot. Only thing I wish for is a little more detail on the post so it wouldn't be 100% black, but that would probably have needed multiple exposures and HDR fun... I think it's very effective and I love it :)
I'm till learning photography, so if I can give my humble opinion: Though the photo is beautiful, the pole draws attention away from every other detail in the photo. It also seems a little bit on the too bright side... But that is just me :)
Thanks for your comments. I find as I get older I think less about technical issues, and more about the emotional expression. I don't mind a contrasty scene with a blown out sun if it is evocative. HOWEVER, most of you find the exposure and maybe even the composition problematic, so I just have to go back to that lovely beach and try again.
Personally, I love the contrast, I love the way the corner was artfully blown out and I rather like the composition. I think that overall the image brings a bout a powerful emotional response (for me). As I said earlier, I just think that the dead-black pole slicing through the bright area just slightly distracts my eye from the rest of the beautiful image.
I just wanted to elaborate, to make sure you don't misunderstand my response as negative. I've come back to this thread several times just to look again :)

Thinking about your analysis, I wonder if I had made this a "true" sepia, where the pole is brownish rather than black, if that would have made the it less dominant? I will try that in Lightroom. This is one of a bunch I shot on Folly Island with a little Canon point-and-shoot to see how good a picture I could get with it.

Thanks again for your comments. I am getting back in the game after a year or more of shutter block - show me the Afghan Girl in front of an Ansel Adams mountainscape and I couldn't find a picture to shoot.

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