Lonely Old Tree C&C Please


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Aug 15, 2011
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Found this old tree and thought it would make a good subject. Still practicing my frameing. This one is out of camera NO cropping on this one. I did play with the sliders so please let me know what you think.

This was done at 4pm, and it is very cloudy and gonna rain shortly.

This is a 3 exposure bracketed shot.

1. Straight out of camera


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That is one cool tree. I like the shot.

My favorite is definitely #2.

As for critique, I would have tried to get a slightly different angle and try to not have the stump in the bottom left corner, otherwise I really like the shot. The clouds make for an interesting effect.
I kinda like the stump, but will take it under advisment....maybe go back and reshoot without the stump and see what it looks like.
Pic 1 doesn't do much for me as it's just a leafless tree. Pic #2 is a winner. It just jumps right out at me and grabbed my attention. love it. Pic #3 is washed out.
Picture 01. don't impress me at all but next 2 are very good artworks.
I prefer the color, but #2 is interesting as well. In the colored photo, I, too, find the stick pointing upwards in the left corner distracting along with a bright square reflection in the center. Both items catch my attention, but why should I look there? Nothing interesting and attention is drawn away from the tree, your main subject. Remember our eyes are drawn to brightness or lighted objects. There are four dots, probably trees in the lower right that should be cloned out. They are distractions. Not important to the composition.

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