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Feb 20, 2012
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This is the first portrait style shot of myelf that I like. The biggest issue was knowing there would be some washed out spots, but I wanted good light in my eyes. This was done in a parking lot in some shade. For editing I made two layers, brought the shadows in with the curves tool, then on the second layer I made the image brighter, then added the eyes only from that image.

My main questions are about my angle(too low?), is the washed out areas that bad, and could you see it without me telling you to look for my eyes being slightly edited?

And of course any critique on anything else is welcome.
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Skin looks a tiny bit too bright, but the eyes look good. I might try and lessen the greenish cast to the skin under your chin, on your neck. In selective color, under Yellows, add some magenta, and add a bunch of cyan. Under the reds, also add a lot of cyan, and some magenta.
I don't have Photoshop, but I did bring down both green and yellow for the whole image.

Actually, I was being dumb. I free selected the worst part, dropped green and yellow 15%, then selected the whole shaved area, dropped it 15%, then took the whole image and dropped 10%. I think it worked ok. Darkened the eyes just a smidge too.


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