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Jun 4, 2010
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The particular problem I am running into, is taking photos of people outdoors. I just did a family shoot for a friend of mine, and one of the C&C's on that said to meter for the sky and use flash. I was doing part of that, in that I was using OCF. However, another suggestion was to use a wide aperture to get the shallower DOF, giving me better blur in the background.

Now, here in lyes the problem. If I go wide enough on the aperture to get the best DOF, the shutter speed is something nearing light speed to properly expose the sky. This definitely poses a problem with my 1/200 max sync speed. So, I can't go wider on the aperture because the shutter speed would be too fast for a flash. Still following me?

So, as I see it, I only have two options to solve this problem. 1) Use constant on lighting for fill instead of speedlights, or 2) add enough NDF or GND to my lens to allow me to expose for the sky while still having a wide enough aperture, maybe f/3.5 or something in that range, to get the shollower DOF I need for portraiture... :gah: Are these two ways the only way to make this situation right? Or am I missing other options out there?

Thanks in advance
Use your 200mm and step waaaay back from your subject. Also have your subject away from the background. The increased focal length will help blur the background as long as your subject isn't right next to it. That should allow you to use a smaller aperture.

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