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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by Holly, Dec 7, 2005.

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    Potrait pictures... I like to do photos myself.. I am not a professional, but hey we all like to make believe right?

    So My question is..

    What is the best way to take great looking photos of cihldren? I have 4 boys all under 6.. They dont really sit still TO long, but will for a short period of time. Do you find that taking these photos OUTdoors is better then INdoors? IF SO... HOw do you get these during the winter with out their jackets having to be worn??


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    If you can't get them to sit still for long enough, try taking some shots of them playing and messing about... It'll be completely different from the 'traditional' posed family portrait, but will still look great.

    Did a random web search and came up witha few sites that might give you inspiration:




    If you are photographing outside, and its too cold not to wear jackets, then go for the opposite extreme... big jackets, wooly hats, warm scarfes, gloves and wellington boots make for some fun shots, as long as you can still see their faces! Try taking photos in the snow - your kids will soon forget the camera's there once a snowball fight starts...
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    Lighting will be a major issue for you when it comes to "portaits". If a more formalized approach is what you are after you will have to be creative without having studio type lighting. You can try doing protraits by window light if you have the sun coming in at a good angle and a convenient time of the day for you on the inside. If you have an adjustable flash head you may try posing all of them in a mostly white painted room bouncing the flash off of the ceiling. You can get great shots outside with sunlight and it dosen't mean you can't use a flash also. Using a flash for outside portraits to fill in shadows can produce good results. Try several different angles from the suns reflection outside with and without the flash and you are bound to get what you are looking for.

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