Looking for fun things to do In a home made studio?


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Sep 6, 2011
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South England
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When It's raining outside, I often try some indoor home made studio like work.
I've run out of ideas of cool subjects to shoot!
I've only just finished getting my head round all the settings and rules of photography, so I'm still a 'beginner'.
Does anybody know of anything similar to smoke and water which can be done In a small setting with an off camera flash.

Here's the smoke Idea I tried a while ago..

And water...

How about wine glasses / stemware? There is a trick to getting it right.



Not my photos, just examples.
I'm liking the idea of the flower, I know my photo's are far from decent. I did try wine glass and cranberry juice at an angle but found that difficult. Thanks I'll try something tonight
Nice try with the smoke and water, but I think I would be tempted to go back and try some more variations on these two themes - there is also a lot you can do in post processing of smoke with Photoshop (if you have it). There is a video on YouTube somewhere - I will try and find the reference and post it later, or you can search yourself. Also, I have gone to the local store and purchased a bouquet of various flowers and then tried various macro images of them - this worked for me. Looking forward to seeing more.


even taking pics of small props or toys is better than nothing. i took the following two during a rainy day and enjoyed em. not saying everything has to be experimental....sometimes, polishing on your skills is always good too

Sergeant by LJCPhotos, on Flickr

Robot....Bunny??? by LJCPhotos, on Flickr

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