Looking for longtime Polaroid enthusiasts


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Apr 26, 2022
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Hi guys, my name is Vanessa and I am currently doing my master thesis at VU Amsterdam about the revival of instant cameras.

In the first phase, I need interviews with longtime Polaroid enthusiasts who have been shooting pictures with, and were interested in instant camers before their recent hype ( I would say before 2012).
It doesn’t matter if you‘re only doing it as a hobby, I don‘t need any professionals :)

The interview would take place on Zoom, not longer than 20-30 minutes. I would love to know what got you into instant cameras, why you still use them and so on. It would be a normal chat! All the answers remain anonymous and will not be forwarded to anyone.

I am desperately looking for people who can talk to me about that. I would be so greatful if you could help me finish my thesis!

You can reach out to me:
Thank you and hope to talk to you soon!
Not sure if this is to late but I have used instant cameras since the 1970’s. Just a hobbyist

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