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Looking to upgrade


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May 25, 2011
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I have outgrown my D3100. I love my camera, and it has been good to me, but I'm ready to move on to bigger and better things.

I'm wanting to stay around 1500, but I'm willing to spend up to 2000.

Basically, my main "want" in a camera is clear pictures at high-ISO's. My D3100 does not do well at 800 ISO, and I need a camera to perform at 800+ ISO.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. :)
If you're going to stick with Nikon don't do anything right now. Truth be told you can't do anything right now since virtually nothing is available. The D400 is probably going to be announced soon and rumor is that there will be a D7000 upgrade in the fall.
I'm wondering just when Nikon is going to be available again?
Nikon SAYS they will be back to full production by the end of March 2012. That is production... they will still have to catch up with the orders and stocking after that. So... I'd guess May/June?
I hope so. I'm interested in a new body but I'm going to wait and look at the D400 when the rumors become fact.
Whoa.. guess I didn't know there was something going on with Nikon...
Whoa.. guess I didn't know there was something going on with Nikon...

Remember the whole tsunami/earthquake disaster that hit Asia? Both of Nikon's major DSLR production facilities were effectively destroyed.

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