Lost In The Dark


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Jul 23, 2006
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I would appreciate any and all feedback on this photo. :)

cool pic!

were it me, i'd cut out most of the foreground/white at the bottom.
make it more rectangle.
but what do i know??
I feel like the upper right sliver of light takes away from the gray tones in the middle. Takes it from an amazing photo to just a really good one IMO.

Or what about some footprints? Someone going in but not coming out, etc.
Agree that the upper right is distracting. I would keep the white snow on the bottom: the added contrast really enhances the sense of fear and being lost.

This photo evokes a pretty strong emotion in me! But maybe that's because I'm in places like this very often... on my own...
Thank you all so much! You've been very helpful :) I never actually noticed that bit of light in the corner and I totally agree with you all, it does take away from the photo.
Overall I like this photo, but theres just a few nit picky things I noticed here and there....like others said the light sliver is kind of takes away from the shot and I also think the twig in the picture in the top right is a little distracting. The pic also seems a little soft and out of focus, a quick sharpen in PS would probably fix that. I love the fog sitting in the trees though!
Thanks. I really appreciate your comments.:) T'is a little soft isn't it? I'll have to play around with it a little more in PS and see if I can't fix that.
The pic does appear to be a little soft but more importantly, the foregrond is completely out of focus (indeed, EXIF reveals you shot at f/1.4!). I would have stopped down much further than that.

I personally like the mist surrounding the tree trunks towards the top of the shot very appealing though.

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