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    Hi, I am making the big change--from Nikon to Canon. I have lots of gear to sell and it is in wonderful condition. The list is as follows: Nikon D70, SB-800, Nikon N75, Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens, and I also have alien bees for sale. I bought the Digibee package with an upgrade--one of the lights is 800, the other is 400. They each come with a stand, power cord, sync cord, and I have one shoot-through umbrella. I also have JTL stands and three muslin backdrops white, black, and light blue.

    The D70 is in wonderful condition. There are no marks on it and it looks brand new. I have used it to shoot a few weddings and portraits. The SB-800 has been used for 5 weddings total and has worked perfectly. The Nikon N75 I bought one month ago because I needed a film camera for a class. I have shot 10 rolls of film with it total and the meter is dead on. The Alienbees were used to shoot portraits, maybe a total of 7 days of use. All of my equipment is near new condition. I bought everything within the past six months and now I want to go with Canon! Thought I should make the change now before I buy more gear. If you would like to make an offer, send me an email. Thanks!


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