Low light, no flash, after dark, P52 inspired.


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Apr 29, 2010
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Pensacola, FL
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I am doing two project52's this year, one is from My Four Hens, the other is from a private facebook group....

My four hens theme this week was life and my private group was low light, after dark, no flash allowed...

I merged them together for my photos for this week, and I wanted to share.

I know they are total mommy googles shots. They are blurry, out of focus, and under exposed, but I love them!

My daughter has a small childs tent set up in her room, after baths last night, I was walking by and saw my oldest son and her inside the tent with all other lights off reading a book by the light of a small camping lantern. I grabbed the camera, it had my 85mm on it, and went into my bedroom across the hall, laid on the floor and started snapping away! lol I knew if I made a sound that I was taking a picture the joy of the moment would be overtaken by the photographer kid syndrome, so I had to be all black ops secretive about it.... finally they did see me after a few clicks in and of course flipped out like I was sending lazer beams into their eyes... hehe

So enjoy!

I have a D90, my 85mm 1.4.... settins were ISO 800 1/40 and F2



It seems like there aren't any true black. Everything is a shade of grey. Even the darkest areas seem grey.

Maybe it's just my screen. I'm not sure.

I like the idea though. :)
i love the story behind it.

wonderful to be able to capture candid moments in our childrens lives.

have you tried to edit and get some more contrast?
Don't be afraid to jack up that ISO! Go 1600! It's give you some noise reduction practice.
I love noise! :) I am not afraid of noise, but I had literally 3 seconds and then the moment was gone.... lol
The low contrast really works in these. They seem more honest that way. They're beautiful either way though! Great work!
They are beautiful. Love the processing - looks like this pewter action I have!

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