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Nov 12, 2006
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#2 works better for me but you should have wiped up the dribble for both.

The devil is in the details.
Definitely makes me hungry. You should try and clone out those cup rings on the table in the second one though...
first one works better for me i feel like the second has too many distractions such as coffee rings on the table, shininess of the table unevenly broken chop sticks.
As for the first one to make it stronger I would suggest adding sesame seeds
making sure the bowl is clean - no drips and if you extended the photo so the chopsticks are fully in it and as they extend into out of the bowl will become more out of focus. but if this is a start for you in food photography, I think you are on the right path. something else you might want to think about is having props in the background as I have done here with the vodka bottle
i feel like we could be critiquing this to heavily. Was this just a shot of your lunch today?
i like the no props style for these. i would prefer a more straight on shot for #2 though. maybe a touch more zoomed out. that would also help take care of the table reflection.
i feel like we could be critiquing this to heavily. Was this just a shot of your lunch today?

LOL yep, although I appreciate all the feedback! The drip on the bowl was something I had noticed before the shot, but by then my wife was already telling me to hurry and eat cause it was getting cold.

Thanks all!

P.S. I love how this shot gets a lot of feedback but one of my favorite pictures I ever took, one of a tiger recently, got barely any response... Just the way the ball bounces sometimes!
I need some "corn-on-the-cob" (lol). I agree with the others, but you have a unique idea. Thanks for sharing!

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