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Apr 9, 2009
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I want one - for doing astrophotography.
The $495 camera uses a Sony Pregius IMX 249 1/1.2" image sensor (global shutter).
Blackfly 2.3 MP Color USB3 Vision Camera (Sony Pregius IMX249) Point Grey USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet and FireWire Machine Vision Cameras

Note how small and light weight it is.

Here is an image made by an astronomer in the Netherlands of the galaxy NGC 891 (Caldwell 23) from 3300 (yes - 3300), 1 second luminosity exposures and 80 per each red, green, and blue channel filtered 4 second exposures for the color in the image, using his 16" Dobson type mounted Newtonian telescope as a camera lens.
His telescope sets on a equatorial platform which allows continuous tracking for up to about 60 minutes when using a Dobson type telescope mount. Once the EQ platform has reached the limit if it's travel it has to be reset to get another 60 minutes or so of tracking.
Looks very specialized. Are you going to buy it? In the big scheme of things it doesn't seem like huge money, and as my father often says, you can't take it with you
It's going to be windy, snowy, and cold out here in Iowa until April.
So it's not something I need to get tomorrow.

The pre-production, production, & post production work it takes to wind up with a high quality astrophotograph of a deep sky subject borders on the absurd.
I'm on the fence deciding if I really want to cross that border.
Maybe I have a genetic flaw that compels me to do photography in a way that is harder than just P&S.

The deal is I have always been attracted to both the artistic and the technical aspects of doing photography.
Astrophotography is way more about the technical than it is about the artistic.

Sounds like a lot of work, but the end result is amazing. :586:

I'm on the fence deciding if I really want to cross that border.
Cross that border! We want to live vicariously through you! ;)
Also, thanks for the links and information, @KmH! Much appreciated!
I've dabbled in astroshooting, and found I just don't have the knack for it. Plus, I lack an equatorial mount. So field rotation is a big issue for me.
The software that is available has advanced, but field rotation can still be problem.
Can't I just turn off the earth's rotation for an hour or two?

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