M42 mount Sears (Tokina) Tele-Zoom 90-230mm

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    I have several old m42 mount lenses I rescued from the closet to try with my EOS 77D. I don't know what to expect from the rest but I am pleasantly surprised with this one. The first two were at 230mm at f22 and f5.6. The next two were at 90mm at f22 and f4.5. I like the difference of depth of field but I really like the quality from this old lens. I think they are all slightly underexposed and I'll remember that next time. Give me your thoughts. 20180209045041_IMG_0289-1593x1062.JPG 20180209045041_IMG_0289-1593x1062.JPG 20180209044808_IMG_0285-1593x1062.JPG 20180209044543_IMG_0283-1593x1062.JPG


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