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Jun 8, 2010
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I still haven't received my M42 to EF lens mount adapter, so I decided to try some of the old "turn the lens around" macro shots. It worked pretty well. :thumbup: Since it's a manual lens, I can control aperture even with the lens facing the wrong way. :D It's a big help!

I learned that you need a lot of light for good macro shots (or a camera with good high-ISO performance).

These were taken with a Mamiya 55mm f/2 lens. I don't know the f/# for each picture.

#1 - "Caught"

#2 - "Curves"

#3 - "Sprouts"

Here's two more:

#4 - "Hang in there"

#5 - "Dead, but beautiful"

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other than the 1st and the last, I think you can just turn the lens regularly. For example a grasshopper. I think you can take that with most lenses and get good results.
There's a formula for macro lighting to achieve correct exposure, Magnification +1 squared, sometimes many bursts of flash are needed to build up an exposure depending on DOF required/aperture used and how small the object being photographed. H
#2 is not a macro & could be taken with a normal lens. It would be a very interesting shot if the whole subject was in focus as would be permitted using a normally mounted lens.
Thanks, everyone, for the comments. :)

Ron, you're right, #2 was taken with the lens forward; forgot about that. I agree, it definitely needs more DOF.

Shwetty, none of my other lenses will get that close to a grasshopper. I need more glass, lol. I agree, I shouldn't call it a macro. What is the technical definition of macro? I guess I need to do some googling.

Harry: Thanks for the info. My flash exploded tonight :/ By exploded, I mean it made a loud *pop* and smells like something is burnt. I'm going to take it apart and see if I can fix it. It really sucks! It's a Nissin 360TW and I really liked it's features.

Which is better for macros, extension tubes, or teleconverters?
You loose light with both,
Gain magnification with both,
Extension tubes make you get closer to focus,
With little range of focus,
Converter may reduce the quality of your image,
Converter gives you a longer range of focus.

I use both.
Macro is if you put a subject+background that is as big as your sensor (1:1 or more) without cropping your photo. But I guess I spoke to soon.. Not sure how big is the grasshopper is. Back in asia I have seen a grasshopper that is as big as my palm LOL. You could very well use other lenses and almost fill the frame.

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