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Madame Rubi


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Nov 8, 2021
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Valencia, Spain
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Hi all! Second post in the forums, after the introduction one.
This picture is a little old now, but I post it here because it's a good example of what I enjoy the most.
Everything in this photo was set up in my garage except the moon, sky and the colors on the sphere, that were photoshopped in. The moon is replacing a beauty dish so the light was in fact coming this way too.
The fake table had a hole in it so I could put a sb900 in the sphere (a lamp sphere).
The "Tomasos Circus" poster on the background was also made by me. I am "Oso", the strong guy in the picture. Heheheh
I hope you like it.

Good imagination and composition. For my taste, the amount of subject material works!
I do like it. It's very creative with a lot of fun detail to explore. I am quite drawn to the smile/expression on the woman's face as she works her magic on the young man.
Nice, interesting shot. I especially like the light. Oso's gonna feel that in the morning. :wink-6:
Love it! The colours work well and the lighting in the faces is prefect

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