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Dec 29, 2007
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I know I have some issues with this one with focus. How is the composition? Is it too bright? Again... just the light in the room and a 50mm lens.

To be honest the focus issue makes this one a non-starter I'm afraid. The composition looks OK but could do with including a little more on the right side. Has it been cropped to exclude someone/something?

The brightness is OK except for the really bright, over-exposed patch behind her neck. It looks like the light source is above & behind her. Maybe change the angle so it's to the side & slightly in front of her next time?

If you can get a good sharp focus on her eyes I'm sure you'll be well on the way to a striking shot of her! :thumbup:
Again, you have a focus problem but I think your portraits could be really beautiful if you can fix that one problem.
I'm glad I at least came to take a look at Maddison, for she is cute!
As Chris (our plastic spanner of the forums ;)) is saying already, the focus issue is a major one here, but with a little practice you will soon show us the most beautiful portraits of little Maddison!!! I am just sure.

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