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Dec 4, 2011
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Earlier this week I asked for advice on a new bag. After looking at the responses (thank you all) and doing some additional research I had some idea of what I wanted. I went to the local camera store and decided to look at the bags. The lowepro and thinkpad bags that met my specs were too much bag for me (I'm tiny, they're big) so I ended up with the Tarmac messenger 4...fits everything I need and it is not too big for me. I also like that it's compatible with their add-on system.
Looks a nice bag. Look forward to a test report ;)
Sounds good! I'll have to write a review after I've used it for a bit..
I think you meant Tamrac.

I have a few Tamrac bags. They're all 10+ years old and are holding up really well. When I bought mine, they were US-made. Are they still?

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