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Ron Evers

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Jun 28, 2008
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In the country 60km north of Toronto, Canada
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Lotsa dill & garlic.

Mmmmm I love pickles!! Those look yummy :)

I can't wait for my first ever batch of cucumbers from the garden so I can put some up for the winter too!
I'm telling you Ron, one of these days you are going to find me on your doorstep and now I am hoping for pickles!! ;) fair warning ;)
Yum!! Homemade pickles are the best!! We make some of our own.
Mine came up late, I actually thought they didn't make it and went to the garden center to pick up some starters instead but they had none, the guy said even the growers didn't send many out at all and they were gone right away. A week later mine all sprouted and now I have tons of flowers on them :) I think it may turn out well after all!

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