making the switch from film to digital


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Aug 5, 2010
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I have been doing photography stuff on and off since 1976. I get into then out of it.

I can develop and print my own film pictures, but that doesn't do me much good now in this modern age of digital images.

Currently, I am in the process of selling my film cameras, lenses, flash etc and making the switch to digital.

don't get me wrong, I have bought 5 or 6 digital cameras for various members of the family, but i was the lone hold out on film. I love film for the image quality.

However, I haven't used my film cameras in a couple years and have borrowed other family members' cameras (WHICH I PAID FOR) for certain events. I have been using an old Pentax optio little point and shoot that my wife doesn't use since I bought her a Nikon D60 for her birthday a couple years ago.

Anyway, i am looking at a nikon D90, with a Sigma 18-250something lens (but thats not all that important) and a macro lens (which is important).

I have been doing a fair amount of shooting for my blog, but I also need a good lens for pictures of various items that will go on my website as well as for customers to view while they are in my store.

What do you all use for good portrait or candid wedding work photgraphy?

What about flash units? what do you use?

etc ????

thanks, joe

p.s. i am getting rid of a Minolta srt100, x700, a 35-70 mm lens, a 50 mm 1.9f lens, a Tokina Atx 90mm macro lens and a vivitar 283 flash. the camera store says the macro lens aperature is broke., they are offering $140.

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