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Jan 18, 2013
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I was looking for a TLR and found three Mamiyas, all in excellent to mint condition for a very good price. I figured I could keep one and sell the others to recover most if not all of my investment. One was a C22, which I later discovered accepts only 220 film. Uh oh.

So here's the questions - first, does anybody know whether the Mamiya C22 has any special collector's value? Prices on Ebay and Collectiblend are all over the place, from $89 - $340, and one Ebay listing that claimed the camera was very rare sold for over $250 earlier this year without a lens. Unless it is some kind of collector's item, I cannot imagine anyone paying that kind of money for what is essentially an obsolete camera. My plan was to sell two two of the three to recover most of my investment, so if I must I will keep the C22, providing I can use it with 120 film. That brings up the second question: I've never used 220 film but I do know the only differences between it and 120 are the absence of paper backing and that it's scarce as hen's teeth. If I elect to keep this camera and use it with 120 film, would I face any problems aside from the counter being out of synch with the film?
Hi. Not much info on C22. I found this on some other forum:

"Todd Frederick , Jan 31, 2003; 08:45 p.m. I owned a C22 and it has one back for 120 film and a totally different back for 220 film. It does not have the rotatable pressure plate of the C220. When you put on the 220 back, there is a prong that presses on a device in the camera to change the numbering system from 12 to 24."

And this:

"Everett Larreynaga , Oct 10, 2003; 11:17 p.m.

Mamiya C22 only accepts 120 which means you can only shoot 12 exposures at a time. I have a Mamiya C22 right now".

Go figure...
Again, Timor rides to the rescue. I read a review on a C22 that was for sale and that's where I saw that it only accepted 220 film. Now that I know it has interchangeable backs, I understand the reviewer was referring specifically to his C22, which apparently was fitted with a 220 back. I should never underestimate my own ignorance. My salvation is that I am not particularly reluctant to ask dumb questions in public.


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