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Manchester Big Wheel

Black & White

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Dec 28, 2007
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Hi everyone I went into Manchester city centre this evening to get a few shots of the wheel that I can see out of my bedroom window..Btw it was my very first time that I had try night photography, so any comment would be very greatful for me to add to my learning to night photography...






Congratulations on venturing out in the dark for some photography! Night photography is exciting, I think!

With the photos presented here, I just cannot overcome their massive compression artefacts, though, and I wondered and wondered some more what might have brought those about?

You saved them at highest resolution, which will lead to Photobucket doing their own compression. I can't tell at which SIZE you uploaded them, they are all different sizes here, which might ALSO have been Photobucket's doing?

Then I wonder if maybe these are crops out of a much larger photo? So that in the original pics the wheel is much smaller?

And I assume you took these handheld. You chose the widest open aperture your camera can give (f2.8) and used a relatively high ISO (for a FinePix), which will have given you much noise, too, I assume (well, I assume, it's only that for my Powershot 200 ISO is "on the brink" of being too much, photos taken at 400 ISO are for the bin. All of them). And you exposed for 1/9th of a second. Which will lead to camera shake, only very few can still handhold that shutter speed.

The wide open lens explains why all light sources are bright blobs.

The slow shutter (and no tripod?) explains why there is a bit of shake to be detected.

The relatively high ISO explains why there might be noise.

Nothing, however, explains the huge amount of compression artefacts to me...
You don't say whether or not you mind your images being editted but I took the liberty of running NIK define over one of them. I did a one minute job; could have gotten rid of a lot more noise with a fifteen minute job (and gotten rid of the noise in the webs).

This is quite similar to what happens to my images when I resize, also using Paint Shop Pro. What seems to be a good photo can go to hell in one move, even if I choose a size that seems like it would be easy to do. Photobucket upload then seems to add to the problem. ?
My ISO was really big and I`ve only just brought the camera, so I`m still having to learn its in`s and out of the size of images the width was 2128 height 2832. But I shall learn thanks guys. So I made the images to 400 pixels and 500 pixel to make them smaller

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