Manchester Gargoyle

I usually don't like this type of shot and subject matter, but with the water coming out of it's mouth, it just works for me. Maybe a slight crop to get tighter to the mouth/water which is the real subject for me.
I love Gargoyles, gothic archetecture is so cool...something about the crop isn't just right, the angle of the building in the background is distracting vut otherwise love the subject and the action.
Agree about the building - crop the top just enough to remove the sky and a little on the right and you're there.
That is a very blue sky. Very, very blue. So blue, in fact, that you can see artefacts from the over saturation; you might want to pull back a bit. I would say it looks like the building is falling over, you could possibly straighten it up, and the tree also makes for a really busy looking background. My eye is also being lead to the statue in the back, perhaps stepping to the right and shooting the gargoyle more face on would be good.

Very sharp, though! :thumbup:

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