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Mar 27, 2009
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Cádiz (Spain)
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One punctual moment of the "Half Marathon Cadiz-San Fernando". Here I stayed away of color the photo in order that nothing was distracting the attention in the corridor that is placed in the first instance, and veered her to a sepia soft tone.

The keys of this one photo are the composition, the depth, and the focus in the first corridor

By means of the treatment for zones I emphasized the textures of the road, detail of vital importance to capture the atmosphere of this rainy day of April.

Regards¡ y sorry for my english ;)

I like it. My question though is did you use the unsharp mask? His face and the outlines of his right arm looks like you did but you might have had the radius number set too high giving it a bit of an unnatural look.
pretty good... the only thing I find is that the very in focus sidewalk is quite distracting to the eye.

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