March '06 Challenge Photos - "Junk"


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May 15, 2003
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Brantford, Ontario
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Sorry folks, but my hard drive went down yesterday and unfortunately along with it so did all of the challenge photos.
I guess nobody is going to win the Lensbaby this month.
It was more of a "come on and show us the pictures." I'm excited. Coming from someone with 3 brothers, I am sure that you (having 4 boys) know when April fools day is. :)

Sorry for the misunderstanding.
sry to here about your hard drive. Hope you didn't lose you personal photos. Try sending back for someone to try and recover the lost data.
I know its too late to get a lensbaby because someone might submit a new photo of junk. But how about everyone posting the pics that they did submit just for fun!
errrr....... its the 1st of april..... do other countries have april fools?!!
:lol: Yes, yes, it was just a joke.

Anyway chase isn't going to let me keep the lensbaby for myself so I guess I'll get on with posting the photos.

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