March 1st snow C&C


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Oct 7, 2008
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Brooklyn, NY
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Taken in front of my house about 30 minutes ago. They better give me a snow day :p.

I don't like the water on the lens either :p.
Bet it look's a bit different now.
Heard you guy's were supposed to get dumped on.
we've definitely got some snow- but not the 8-12" they promised :( I got a few last night too, I'll have to post them.
Yea once I finish eating breakfast I'll take another shot. We got a couple of inches, but just like impressme said, not the 8-10 they promised. At least we got a snow day today :D
Here in Boston and most of MA we got pounded with snow. Big amounts. No photos though.
Shouldn't you guys be use to it and shouldn't it not be a big deal? You live in snow territory after all....

It's the folks down south that I feel for. We got an email from a guy who transfered from here in PA down to TN with a picture of 6-8 inches on his old Porsche clunker saying, "I moved down here to get away from this ***t!"
Haha yea but usually in march we don't get snow and the trees are starting to bloom :p
In New York? I'm down here in PA and it's not a given thing, but we do have a very good chance for getting snow again before April. We even have a pretty good chance of snow past April some years.

I won't see anything budding for quite some time yet. I think that is what you mean by bloom. Bloom is when the flowers are out. We have to watch come April that we don't get a frost as it will kill all the fruit (strawberries, peaches, etc.) Around May 6 is the last frost date for me according to the Farmer's Almanac. Before that, we still have pretty good chances of getting snow.

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