Marlin attacks boat, caught on camera

How very coincidental----Jon Schwartz is a member here at TPF!!! his handle is bluewaterjon, and a few months ago he and I spoke via PM about some specialized Nikon autofocus strategies with the Nikon bodies he has, using mutliple-spot AF patterns over open ocean water...then he headed off to a big event down in Mexico as I recall it was...

How interesting that a TPF member who specializes in blue water fishing photography was involved in a once-in-a-lifetime type of event...
This is Jon Schwartz the fishing & travel photographer who took those shots of the marlin while covering fishing in Hawaii. First of all I wanna thank you Derrel for your help before! Then, I wanna tell you that I posted an account of the story (that I hope photographers will enjoy, it's not big on fishing details) on another forum on this site, and here is the link:
I hope you enjoy the story! Right place at the right time with the right gear!
Jon Schwartz
PS- if you wanna see a full account of the story with lotsa pics you can see it here too:
Jon Schwartz's Blog: Fishing, Photography, and Travel: Press Boat rammed by 550 pound marlin tags a 700 pound giant two days later!

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