Marumi 80a 62mm filter


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Dec 9, 2007
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While looking through my Dad's old photographic equipment, I came across a dark blue, smooth filter with the words "Marumi 80A 62mm-Made in Japan" on the rim. I took some indoor shots with it, and all it did was turn the picture slightly blue. Could anyone tell me what is the purpose of this filter?

80A is for shooting under tungsten lighting.

If you have a digital, it's basically useless because you can always just select "tungsten" in your white balance menu much easier.
These are color conversion filters for the use of daylight color films with tungsten lights. 80A increases the color temperature from 3200 degreesK to 5500 degreesK for the use with 3200 degreesK (tungsten) lamps.
Ah thanks a lot. This was something I noticed too. Shooting with a Canon Rebel XTi, I found that the colours were better when left on Auto WB with this filter than if just switching to Tungsten WB.

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