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Jan 18, 2013
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Charleston, SC
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Hello all! Looking through some photos from a trip to Savannah a while back. They may look 'snap-shot-ish' but I still like to try to work on good composition regardless. Any C&C is appreciated.

The red.."thing" in the first and the papper in the two others seem that they don't belong in the photo.. My eyes keep turning on them and not looking at her cute face.
The 3rd I would like the best if the paper wasn't there
I agree. That was my gripe with them as well. Thanks for the feedback
Squint your eyes and see what you focus on first. To the first image my eye goes to the red, the sky and paper towel in the 2nd, and then again the paper towel in the 3rd. I know it's not always possible but de-clutter as much as possible before taking the shot!
I really do wish I removed the paper towel roll because I think they would have been good shots without that. Thanks for the feedback, I will keep at it.
I really love these shots! They capture the entire moment and feel of the day. Perhaps I'd move the paper towels but MEH! still great shots. :)
Thanks! My daughter was really enthralled with the idea of face painting. The paper towels are really distracting though.

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