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Aug 9, 2014
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OK, so I'm thinking of getting a basic Logan mat cutter ... I want to mount a 5x7 in an 11x14, however one of the cuts for this (it's above the "centered" position in the mat) is past the 4 1/4" that the cutter's guide rail allows for.

So ... what is the proper way to do this?
I just remove the guide (really a back fence).. If it's like mine (I don't know the number) the guide bolts into "runners" that are half-dovetailed. There is a trick to getting them back in (you have to put the bolts in very loose then fit both back into the track at the same time) but it isn't hard.

If I'm cutting off (external cuts, not the beveled internal ones), I'll just place the board over the guide/fence, through the front guide (cutter guide) and have at it.

A bigger issue for me is the limit on the width of the board, I ended up getting the four-foot thing - it's like a big, wide ruler with the guide for the cutter or I have the store cut the boards in half or quarters for me.

One more thing. I've used two different cutters (same model) and the depth measurement marks on the guide are not accurate. they're something like 1/16" off. I ALWAYS lay out my cutting marks with a ruler (I use a 24" center-finding) and adjust the fence until the marks line up properly.
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