Maternity Photo Shoot

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Dec 14, 2007
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This is another photo shoot I did.
This of course was back in June 07 when she was 8 months pregnant. All again before they were edited
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5.This one I did in black and white (I have original somewhere! LOL)
I like #5 the best, as it seems to be telling a story.

Someone has GOT to come up with something else for women to wear during pregnancy photos!! I just find it so silly to see a mom in the sheet, while everyone else is in street clothes. And the sheet is flattering to very few women.
Eek on the harsh shadows. Are you just shooting the flash right at her? Not sure what you are working with but I use my SB800 off camera threw a white umbrella and my SB600 off camera and bounce it. I am new so that could be totally wrong but it helps me avoid those shadows.
Put some distace between the subject and the backdrop, it will improve the look.
if you have read any of my other posts, you will find that i am a mobile photographer. i take my studio to the client and sometimes you only have a little room to work with and these again are all UNEDITED. I got the shadows off the backdrop and i got them off the faces of the the mom was wearing no make up and she hadn't gotten a lot of sleep the few nights before.
I take my studio to the client to. I guarantee you that you can reduce the wrinkling with a shallower DOF and the harsh shadows are just because of using your light source incorrectly.
BTW I also use sheets for the time being.
what is DOF if you dont mind me asking?

that was one of my first shoots and i had nothing.

i have 2 slave lights
slave lights:
AC slave lights are more akin to a shoe-mount strobe, being very basic in construction. They plug into an outlet, or table lamp and come with few, if any, controls to speak of and routinely lack a modeling light. AC slave-flash units are, however, very economical as fill or accent lights. They’re great for little nooks and crannies.
So get soft boxes or use them threw white umbrellas? Arent you supposed to at least be able to control them in camera? I can control my flash's off camera by adjusting them in commander mode.

DOF=Depth of field
I have no idea what your camera is capable of bit if I had to guess that would be where some of these control issues are starting. If it's just not capable of some things then it's just not possible.
dof...depth of field...
you need a shallower depth of field and the back ground will naturally blur,

-same thing with your other shoot, the subject is too close to the background....taking a studio to a location means challenges and you as a professional must find a way to get around the challenges - that may mean not using the background at all or working with what you have

-watch your exposure...good exposure is key to any should look great out of the camera, not perfect, but great! most pros take a great picture and make it awesome by getting rid of blemishes/brightening eyse/removing distractions that we couldnt 'shoot' and get rid of...but they all start with a great photo to begin with

-use your camera in manual mode so you can control the exposure, are you using it in programme or auto right now?

- be careful on low angles on big people....she is not a 'big person'...but she is pregnant and she wont appreciate the double chin....shoot straight on or from a higher angle

-all your photos needs more contrast, which can be adjusted with levels or curves

-keep working at it...and btw, you will get much more positive feedback if you edit your pictures first
here is a link to my camera

i can probably put a soft box on my slave lights but i am not sure if they make any for them as they were not mine to begin with. the girl that gave them to me only used them for a few shoots before buying new real studio lights but i have no money for that..that is why she is giving me all her stuff she doesn't need anymore
I did look it up and online it said N/A for my shutter speed meaning i dont have a control for that

i do use my camera in manual mode but i doesn't give me a lot to choose

white balance

flash level --goes all the way to +2.0 OEV

sharpness level

contrast level


but i have to put it all the way to 1000 (not sure what that is but it is a number from NR30" all the way to 1000 and i guess i have the F stop all the way to 8.0 or else the picture will be too bright
f/whatever is your aperture and I can only assume the 1000 is in fact your ss. You should lower the aperture to create a shallower DOF which will YES make it brighter so either bump your ss, I believe the specs said it was capable of 2000 or lower your ISO.
In each of these, you need more space between the subject and the background. #1 is very overexposed. The lighing that you are using is causing a very hard shadow. Try diffusing it or bouncing it. Check out some posing books from to improve that aspect of your images.
f/whatever is your aperture and I can only assume the 1000 is in fact your ss. You should lower the aperture to create a shallower DOF which will YES make it brighter so either bump your ss, I believe the specs said it was capable of 2000 or lower your ISO.

i dont know where you read that at but my camera is in fact only capable of going to 1000 so if i lower my aperture, the photo will still be too bright (brighter than they already are now)
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