mating dragonflies


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Oct 4, 2009
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I have literally seen one dragonfly near my house in my life, that is until yesterday. i was outside reading when two connected dragons flew by. i ran inside to get my stuff, and set up my rig, and when i went back out there were two pairs, on the same bush. it was really odd. criticism and
censure welcome



This is crazy! Really cool. Didn't know they mated like that. lol. I love the pictures though! I think number two would have been better if the wings weren't cut off. But other than that, I like them all.
Very cool! Dragonflys are my favorite.:thumbup:
no cropping on any of them. thanks for the comments guys!
@mr. shaleyberg neith pair of damselflies actually got around to mating. the male clamps down on its thorax, and holds her there for a long time. in that time the female has to decide whether to mate with the male or not. i think that both males were rejected. i could be wrong though, i didn't watch them after they broke off from eachother.
Some great captures there! Nice clarity.
Those are the coolest! Never seen anything like that before
thanks guys, i really was just lucky to have the oportunity to shoot such amazing creatures(i hate that i used the word creatures)! although i do think that i don't know about #1 because the eyes are not in focus. but i have basically the same shot with just the eyes in focus, but the tail of the other one, and the body are out of focus. So i am going to attempt to stack them, but they are a little different exposure, so i don't know how its going to work out.
nice shots but it seems the focus on the eyes were out.

These creatures do prove hard to focus cos the eyes are extreamely big compared to their bodies. ;)
yeah it like that on number one because i wanted to focus on the other ones tail, to show it grabbing her. i think the focus on four is ok though!

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