Maybe Want To Sell? Vintage collectibles and misc. (Leica IIF, Baby Bessa)

Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by 35mmotorcycle, Jun 12, 2010.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm doing spring cleaning and the stuff I don't use has to go.

    First is a Leica IIf, serial number 652***.
    Cameraquest's serial number finder indicates that this is a 1953 model, with the particular run being only 5000 cameras. The only problem with the camera is the "one second" speed. It cooperates when it wants to. Every other speed works, and I tested with a digital stopwatch the speeds from 1/2 to 1/25 and all came within the range of reflexes /reaction time to just a couple decimal points. Bulb and time modes work. The body looks great, and includes a collapsible Leitz-Elmar 5cm/3.5 that is not so great. It appears to be fungus-infested and I'm too big a wuss to try to open that tiny lens by myself to clean it.

    Reason for selling? I ran a roll of film through it once, with a borrowed Soviet lens, and I found the whole process too finicky. From trimming the leader to the rangefinder (too small for this young guy's "old man eyes"), I just don't find use for it. Also includes manual, lens cap and original Leica "never ready" case.

    Next - a pre-war version of the "Baby Bessa", the Voigtlander Bessa 66 (i.e. 6x6cm images). Shutter speeds and aperture work great. Only cosmetic flaw is on the side where you open the film back, there is some sort of sticker or something that has been partially removed that I can't get to budge. Selling because of old-man eyes and I already have a TLR (Minolta Autocord) that I love.

    Various and assorted items - from a 4x5" Omega DII type negative carrier, to cable releases, to self-timers, to all kinds of bulbs and safelight filters, and a 6 1/2" f/4.5 Ilex Paragon Anastigmat enlarging lens with built-in safelight filter that swivels in and out of the way of the lens. There's simply too much to list here, as most of it is from someone who is deceased but lived through the time of the darkroom. I have tons of stuff sitting in boxes, from boxes of 500 sheets of paper that probably expired decades ago, to projector bulbs, to the canvas-style electrical print dryers, some odd sized Tri-X (2 1/4 x 3 1/4, I believe?), to a Canon AE-1 Program with the dreaded squeal (all functions good though) and a 50/1.8 mounted on it.

    As I dig through all of this stuff, I can provide better descriptions and listings, but this is basically a "feeler" post to see if there is any interest in anything I've described so far. Thanks for bearing with me through this long post, but it's only a fraction of what's packed up.

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    Tempted but I have way too many collectibles... Let me know what else you have for sale.

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