Me and a friend (Tiberias, Israel)

Jacob Ben Avraham

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Jan 1, 2015
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Here's a pic of me (Jacob)with the blue "Israel shirt" and my friend (Alon) at a mountain side park above the city of Tiberias, Galilee Region in Israel; with a creative dialog;

J. Yo, Alon, do you see what I see?
A. Where?
J. Over there by the rock wall.
A. Oh yea, it's a pizza, a whole pizza, just sitting there on the rock wall.
J. Yea, and no one around.
A. and the owners?
J. Probably left.
A. Why? do you think we might have scared them off?
J. Maybe!, maybe they think we're the Israeli mafia.
A. Uhhh, are we?
J. Is the pope Jewish?
A. I guess we aren't
J. Sooooo, are you thinking what I am thinking?
A. Uhhh, yea, let's get the pizza,
J. Yeah, let's get the pizza
A. and what if the owners come back looking for it?
J. We tell them "the mice ate it"
A. Yea, the mice ate it.
J. Yea, two big mice that look like the mafia.
A. OK, so, let's go for it!!
J. Good idea, let's go!
Funny text but picture needs some work.

IMO, it is way too flat, cold and unsaturated, because of being in shadow.
The two of you are a bit far apart (so I moved you)
Seeing eyes would help as would the camera being a bit lower.

Wow, how did you do that? I didn't take the pic, it was Alon's wife that did, with her camera-phone
I took a lot of pics in Israel, mainly with a wal-mart disposable camera. that's my speed, nothing fancy
Wow, how did you do that?
It's amazing what some photo editing softwares can do in the hands of someone who know how to use them.

The camera probably is engineered to "even out" the exposure because the engineers cannot possibly know all the conditions in which somebody might want to take a picture.

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